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Quick search IMDB for a movie on your harddrive by a simple right click on the movie in Windows Explorer and then choose SendTo => IMDBMovieLookup. Excellent tool if you have hundreds of movies on your harddrive and your not quite sure which movie it is.

IMDBMovieLookup is a simple and FREE VBScript (.vbs) that runs on all MS-Windows versions.

.vbs files are known to be used for writing malicious scripts and viruses for the windows platform so this download is available as a text file only. Always check .vbs scripts before running them on your computer…or you could end up running a script that wipes out your harddrive 😉

If you use Antivirus you will probably get a warning running this script and need to add it to an exception list of allowed scripts somehow.


To use it you need to download it and then rename it from IMDBMovieLookup.txt to IMDBMovieLookup.vbs. Put the file in the C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\SendTo folder. Or type shell:sendto in address bar in Windows Explorer and put the script there.

'Simple IMDB Movie Lookup WSH script for Windows.
'Version 0.93
'Created by: Goran Tornqvist. 
'This script is freeware, do what you like with it ;)
'Create a file with Notepad and call it IMDBMovieLookup.vbs and put all the code here in that file.
'Place the file in your profiles SendTo folder:
'C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME_HERE>\SendTo
'Run the script by right-clocking a folder or file and choose SendTo -> IMDBMovieLookup.vbs
'Note: the ArrRemoveWords variable may need quite a lot of updating for filtering out release groups etc
'Path to Web Browser and the URL on IMDB that does the search. You may need to change this if it doesn't work. 
Const strBaseCommand = "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -new-tab" 
'For IE, uncomment below
'Const strBaseCommand = "C:\Progra~1\Intern~1\iexplore.exe" 
'For Chrome, uncomment below
'Const strBaseCommand = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
'Should you get a dialog box where you can edit the search string before the search is done?
Const blnModeShowEditBox = False
'Run Main function
Sub Main 
   strPath = WScript.Arguments(0) 
   intLastSlash = InStrRev(strPath, "\") 
   strDir = Mid(strPath, intLastSlash+1) 
   strDir = IMDBFormat(strDir) 
   If blnModeShowEditBox Then 
     strDir = InputBox("Edit the search string and then click OK" & vbCrLf,"IMDB Movie Lookup",strDir) 
   End If 
   If strDir <> "" Then 
      strCommand = strBaseCommand & strDir
      Run strCommand 
   End If 
End Sub 
'This function formats the search string, change it if you like. 
Function IMDBFormat(strDir) 
   ArrRemoveWords = Array( _
    "DVDRip","720p","1080p","1080i","BluRay","PROPER","Extended","x264","HDTV","HDDVD","UNRATED","REPACK","LIMITED","DTS","xvid","divx","mkv","avi","mpg","mp4", _
    "1999","2000","2001","2002","2003","2004","2005","2006","2007","2008","2009","2010", "2011", "2012", "2013", "2014", _
   strDir = Replace(strDir,"."," ") 
   strDir = Replace(strDir,"-"," ")
   strDir = Replace(strDir," ","+") 
   For i = 0 To UBound(ArrRemoveWords)
    strDir = Replace(LCase(strDir), LCase(ArrRemoveWords(i)), "")
   IMDBFormat = strDir 
End Function 
'Functions for executing external programs 
Function Run (ByVal cmd) 
   Dim sh: Set sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
   Dim wsx: Set wsx = Sh.Exec(cmd) 
   If wsx.ProcessID = 0 And wsx.Status = 1 Then 
      ' (The Win98 version of VBScript does not detect WshShell.Exec errors) 
      Err.Raise vbObjectError,,"WshShell.Exec failed." 
      End If 
      Dim Status: Status = wsx.Status 
      WScript.StdOut.Write wsx.StdOut.ReadAll() 
      WScript.StdErr.Write wsx.StdErr.ReadAll() 
      If Status <> 0 Then Exit Do 
      WScript.Sleep 10 
   Run = wsx.ExitCode 
End Function