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Dreambox2Popcorn / Dreambox To Popcorn

Stream TV from a Dreambox to a Popcorn Hour. Tested using DM-500 and A-100.
Simple script to generate a html file that can be browsed on the Popcorn Hour box to change channel on the Dreambox (installed with Pli Jade image) and to stream the current channel directly from it.

Use the PHP script below from your workstation / PC.
First visit the built in Web browser on the dreambox.
Click the Web-X-TV link.
View HTML Source for the opened windows.
Copy the first array of your favorites.
channels[0] and channelRefs[0]
Copy the array data and paste to the arrays below.
Replace the mybox variable with the IP of your dreambox.
Run the script. Put the html file in a location where your Popcorn Hour can access it.


echo '
<html xml:lang="en" lang="en" xmlns="">
<body link="007f00" vlink="007f00" alink="007f00" bgcolor="7f0000">
<font face="Arial" color=#ffffff size="9"><br />

$mybox = "";

$channels = array("Channel Blaha", "Channel 2 Blaha");

$channelRefs = array("1:0:1:a8e:2c:46:fff80000:0:0:0:", "1:0:1:a8e:2c:46:fff80000:0:0:0:");

for ($i=0; $i<count($channels); $i++) {
  $chan = substr($channels[$i],0,strpos($channels[$i],"-")-1);
  echo "<a href=\"http://root:dreambox@$mybox/cgi-bin/zapTo?mode=zap&path=" . $channelRefs[$i] . "\">Change channel to $chan</a>" . " | <a href=\"http://$mybox:31344\" vod> Watch TV</a><br/>\n";

echo '