Installing Deluge on FreeNAS

Here´s my quick and dirty notes on how I installed Deluge on FreeNAS 9.2.
In my case I did a dual torrent client setup in the same jail as transmission but you might as well install a new jail if you like.

freenas> jls
JID  IP Address      Hostname                      Path
  1  -               transmission_1                /mnt/vol1/jails/transmission_1
freenas> jexec 1 csh
transmission_1> pkg_add -r deluge
# deluge and dependencies will now compile
transmission_1> pw usermod transmission -s /bin/csh
transmission_1> vi /usr/pbi/transmission-amd64/
# To the top of, add:
import subprocess
# And in this function:
def transmission_fcgi_start(args):
# Add (dont forget the indents):"/usr/bin/su - transmission -c /usr/local/bin/deluged", shell=True)"/usr/bin/su - transmission -c /usr/local/bin/deluge-web &", shell=True)
transmission_1> exit
freenas> warden stop transmission_1
freenas> warden start transmission_1
# Enter jail again and verify with "ps aux" that transmission and deluge is running
# Visit http://JAIL-IP:8112/ and login with password "deluge".

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